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Norwegian Reserveofficers Association (NROF)

Norwegian citizens who serve, or have served in the Armed Forces as officers, can all be members of the Norwegian Reserveofficers Association (NROF).
NROF’s goal is to unite officers in a union where members can debate official defence issues, develop their military skills and participate in a variety of military sports.
To have fully competent reserve-officers able to handle national crisis and international service is NROF’s vision. The association wishes to promote Norwegian interests in matters of national security and issues surrounding the Armed Forces.

NROF in brief:
- Founded in 1896
- The organization is divided into 58 branches around the country, with a total membership of approximately 7300.
- His Majesty King Harald the fifth is the head of association

As a member you will:
- Get defence-related courses, home and abroad
- Receive NROF’s magazine ”Pro Patria” five times a year
- Get special offers on insurance from Tryg
- Participate in a variety of military sports, such as shooting, Recon Team Competitions and more.

NROF is an approved shooting association.
Annual membership fee: NOK 425,-
Junior (under the age of 24) and senior (over the age of 65), discount annual membership fee: NOK 275,-

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